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rural_ruin's Journal

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there is beauty and interest to be found when wandering out from the city...

here is a photo journal wherein you may show and share what ruins you find in your rural wanderings...old estates, junkyards, cemeteries, roadside altars, farms, abandoned vehicles, ruined rural oddities of every type shall be appreciated.

some rules:
1. this community is only for *rural* imagery. to view or display *urban* ruin and decay, visit this wonderful journal : urban_decay

2. please keep images to around 500x500 pixels, or use an lj-cut tag. if you are posting more than two images, go ahead and use the lj-cut tag, please? thanks!

3. please caption your photo with location, time, techy details...all of this is very interesting to viewers.

4. please do not post images belonging to others without permission/credit and do not use any of these images without permission/credit. many people are happy to share when proper credit is given.

5. community maintained by cobaltika. email : cobaltikaATgmailDOTcom


общество, еда, россия

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