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Tinian Island: Bunkers, Bombs and Birds! [15 Aug 2012|07:30am]

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Some of you might remember my previous posts from the island of Saipan earlier this year. They can be found here and here.

We recently took a trip back to Saipan and then on to the nearby island of Tinian from which the US operated the busiest airfield of WWII and launched the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. Due to a much smaller population, fewer visitors and a still continuing military utilization, Tinian is even less rebuilt than Saipan. Below are a few sample thumbnails, and behind the cut are many, many more photographs. Due to a change in the way photobucket handles thumbnails, the images behind the cut are larger sized (though your browser should scale them) and may be bandwidth intensive. I’ve also embedded a Youtube video of the flight and exploration of one of the WWII Communications Complexes.


Edit: Apologies, but this forum doesn't seem to want to auto-resize the images for the browser and I'm not sure how to make it do that. >.>

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Comments and questions are always appreciated, thanks for reading!

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[08 Aug 2012|11:13am]

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Abandoned cobblestone gas station [05 Aug 2012|06:43pm]

East of Rochester, NY is the small village of Williamson. Right on the main street is a nicely detailed cobblestone house, built about 1835, The house was converted to a gas station in the 1940s, and then abandoned about 20 years ago. The pumps have been removed.

Cobblestones were a popular building material across upstate New York from the 1820s to the 1850s. The stones were plentiful along the shore of Lake Ontario, or could be picked out of the farm fields. About 800 cobblestone buildings survive, all but about 40 of them are in a band between Buffalo and Albany.

Cobblestone gas station 1

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Abandoned well in rural Georgia, USA [26 Jul 2012|11:35pm]

Pictures taken by me.

Abandoned well 2
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Barcelona, Spain [25 Jul 2012|04:32pm]

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Post-War and 2012 comparison photos from Guam [19 Jul 2012|06:40pm]

Thought this might be of interest to this community.

July 21st is Liberation Day here on Guam - celebrating the retaking of the island by US forces from Japan in 1944. I spent the day running around to a few of my favourite sites. Unfortunately, I only had low-res versions of the old photographs displayed on my phone to work from, so they're not exact, but... still a fun exercise! Post-liberation photographs of Guam, and the same location/perspective (or as near as I could manage) in 2012!

Please click to enlarge.

Japanese gun emplacement - Gun Beach, Guam.

Ruins of the Spanish built Fort Soledad, Umatac Guam.

Umatac Bay, Guam

St. Joseph Church, Inarajan Guam.

The main street in Inarajan, Guam.
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Abandoned Places – Calera School [30 Jun 2012|08:55am]

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Last year when the tornadoes blew us out of the house and on the road, we visited family in central Alabama. Within walking distance of the house was this gem. Constructed in the 1930’s, the Calera School was the combined elementary and secondary school for farming community.

The complex is now in a state of arrested decay. The main building has been used most recently as a haunted house attraction and municipal storage. Adjacent to the brick and mortar building is a large two room school house, which was moved to this site for renovation. Plans for that seemed to be on hold for a while.

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Ferme Roche - Gumiane (Drôme, France) [17 Jun 2012|08:29pm]

Another abandoned farm in the mountains, about 10 kilometers far from the last one.
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Заброшенная водостанция в Калуге. [11 May 2012|10:14am]


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Belskoye village. [11 May 2012|02:02am]


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Ryazan, Russia.
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Abandoned farm near Arnayon - Drôme, France. [08 May 2012|04:25pm]

According to what I heard, this ancient farm was a center of the local French Resistance, during World War II. A perfect place to hide, lost in the mountains, in the depths of the forest... and now completely turned to ruin.
A very mysterious place, where imagination gets easily carried away.

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