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Been making comments on other posts for a bit now, so perhaps it's about time for my own introductory entry. Here are a couple older scans to start things off while I figure out my digital camera.

Before the interstate system we know was in place, we had Route 66 connecting Los Angeles and Chicago. Motels and service stations sprang up along the way to serve truckers and motor vacationers, then withered away again when highways made 66 obsolete. Faint reminders can still be found along the way, like this building adjacent to a former service station in the California desert.

Not far from there is an old house, also fallen to decay. There are a few like this in the area which warrant exploration.

For the technical junkies out there, the first was taken with a 100mm Elmarit, setting unknown; the second was taken with a 90mm Noritar with a 6x7 roll back, probably f/32 and half a minute or so exposure. I don't have the negs handy, but I most likely used either Fortepan or Tri-X.

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