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Old School, Colmor Ghost Town, NM

When I first saw this place, while exploring the Colmor, NM ghost town, I thought it had to be a church and the highest wall was the remains of a steeple. So when I was calling around to find out who owned the place and asking permission to go over the several barbed wire fences and see the old church, no one knew what I was talking about. But asking several people had gotten the right gears turning because soon, I got a call back from someone who knew the owner of the ranch that the town site now sits on. He told me it was actually an old school and he would let the owner know I would be going out there that day and not to shoot me. That's always nice. He also warned me not to go in the lower parts of the structure because there had been several floor cave-ins over the last several years. The last thing he told me before he hung up the phone was, "Watch out for snakes!" Turns out that was the best warning of all. When I got there, a late afternoon monsoon storm was hanging over the whole place. So I waited by my car for awhile to see if it would pass. It didn't, but it also wasn't raining or lightning yet so I decided to go on up. I figured I could either hide out in the ruins or make a mad dash back to my car if the storm started. going over the barbed wire fence separating me from my destination, I tore a hole in my jeans. Make that 6 pairs of jeans sacrificed to getting good photos of NM ghost towns. What struck me most about the school was how big it was. Most western town schools I've shot have been no bigger than two rooms, but this was obviously bigger than that. No one seems to know when the began or ended. though it is known a fire in the late 90's gutted the interior and brought down the roof. When I first saw the lower level rooms, I was going to go in but I tossed a rock in and could hear the ch-ch-ch-ch-ch of a rattlesnake so I left well enough alone.

Colmor Schoolhouse with gathering storm

I still think it looks like a church.

Native chunks of vesicular basalt imbeded in the adobe wall.

Main structure of the old school

Front corner

Personal touches above the doors

Front entrance. It was at the head of a long concrete driveway.

Broken brick lies everywhere

Lower walls are mostly intact

Stairway littered with brick

Upstairs entrance

Interior from above

Looking down the stairs

Panoramic view of the ghost town of Colmor from the school

Storm window

Inside walls from above

Charring on steps

Interior from below

Second building on the grounds

Curved steps

It felt like a movie set

look from the back

Windows on the world

Rear of main building. Window in upper center is where I was standing for the second story pix

Cistern out back

Rear stairs

Lower level rooms, home to rattlesnakes

Not much to see inside

The groundskeeper is not doing his job

Around the side

Outhouse out back

About to cave in

Adobe wall and school grounds

Ruins of 3rd building at the back of the grounds

Wall at rear of grounds

Main buildings from rear

Main interior from rear

What's left of second story

A look under the plaster

Metal encased window leading to lower rooms

Downstairs resident. Almost knocked me over when it flew out suddenly

Holding camera through metal encased window

I wonder if these were big picture windows

Front corner window and the last of the interior paint

Storm tower

Approaching sunset

Close-up on window treatment

One last look.


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