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Colmor, NM - Ghost town

Colmor is just south of Springer, NM. It was never much of a going concern. It was settled in 1887. At the height of it's population it had maybe 450 residents. The name is a combination of Colfax and Mora counties as it straddles the county line. It was a ranching community and a railroad stop. The railroad still goes through but doesn't stop and the rail station is gone now. One person still lives there but works for one of the ranches around town and is more like a caretaker than anything else. He wasn't there on either of the two times I visited. A post office was active from 1911 to 1963. In 1956, Highway 85 bypassed the town and travelers no longer had a reason to stop. A few years later, I-25 was built even further out and even less people stopped. After that, the town started to die. But at one time, it had a large school, a library, gas station and a general store. On the day I visited in early August, I was the only human around for miles. I'll do the old Colmor School as a second post as I have dozens of photos from it alone.

Main Street, Colmor, NM

Adobe homestead and old cottonwoods.

Mostly intact house.

Front door, that's a snakeskin hanging down.

Side is caving in.

Nice old adobe.

Hard to believe it stayed together this long.

Blue room.

Rotting floors over stone foundations.

Plaster and lathe walls.

Kitchen didn't look too bad.

A "modern" wood cookstove.

That roof could go at any time.

Orange room behind the kitchen.

View from the back door.

The Next door neighbor.

They borrowed the left over orange paint from the first house.

Imaginative color scheme.

Inventive way to cover a hole in the wall.

The hole.


White kitchen with cabinets.

Lonely window.

Evidence of railroad influence.

Ruins of hotel.

Back yard clothes line.

Root cellar.

Nothing but rubble inside.

Garage with attached fuel storage room.

Fuel tank, still had some liquid in it.

Old school up the hill.

Some house fared better than others.

Looks inviting.

Bed frame.

I could barely make out the name on this box of checks. Mrs. Jack Lepore.

View of the horizon.

Blue and yellow room with no floor.

This house was in really good shape.

I loved the rounded porch.

Linoleum floors.

Ceiling still intact.

Lemon yellow room.


Back out the front door.

Closet space.

End of the road.

Road to the other side of town, wrong side of the tracks.

Even older adobes.

House had an interior root cellar.

A bit of plaster and paint here and there.

Wood houses do not fare as well.

Chimney about ready to go.

A deceased resident.

And another.

Aging ice box.

Only intact door on this side of town.

Remains of a barn.

The phone pole is gone but the insulators live on.

Windmill still hanging in there.

Pump, there was still water in the well - waaaaaaay down there.

Amtrak passing through. The Southwest Chief I believe.

Railway stop sign.

Free-standing doorway.

Former home of the last permanent resident who died in about 2000.

Advertising a hotel in Springer.

Funny I didn't notice this sign on the way in.

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