December 27th, 2003


Hello everyone! I tried to post some photos, but I don't think the site they are hosted at allows them to be posted off site. So click here to see the destruction from last year's ice storm in NC. A lot of it still looks this way. The photos are a bit grainy because it was a cheap digital camera.

I also have a question, I need a little help. I joined this community because I love these images. I want to take some of my own, and have found some wonderful places I'd love to photograph. But there are a few problems. One: parking. Most of the places I see are on country backroads where I would have to bring my car to get to them. But there is no place to leave my car. It's all either fenced by the side of the road or a deep ditch my car would never get into or out of (it's a 12 year old Honda station wagon). Some places are old stores, so there is some place to park, but the old barns and tobacco huts...I want them on film because many of them are being torn down now. I'm sort of "on the clock" because two places I really wanted to photograph both came down this past month. I fear losing the rest.

Two: fenced in areas. Not sure all are actually abandonded. How do I photograph these places and still remain within my own and the owner's legal rights?

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