December 7th, 2003


I haven't gone trespassing lately

The weather has turned and I've not been able to get out to do any new shoots... and I really miss it. Here, instead, is something I wrote in the wee hours when I was ruminating on how much I've missed it. To be on topic, there are links within the text to images from shoots gone by.
Feel free to comment and discuss the feelings you get when you're investigating and taking pictures.. i'm curious


I miss the quiet.
The stillness.

The adrenaline rush as I enter... paranoid, but undetected.
Taking in what was left behind
Wondering the stories behind each item
I miss the looming fear of being caught

I miss the solitude gained between those walls
The feeling of being utterly alone, but surrounded by the presence of those who came before me
Imagining the sights, sounds and smells that once filled the area
The moment where I realise those will never be again
And I snap back to the dingy, disturbed reality.
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