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Getting my kicks [16 Oct 2003|12:59am]
Been making comments on other posts for a bit now, so perhaps it's about time for my own introductory entry. Here are a couple older scans to start things off while I figure out my digital camera.

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Sod House & Old Cemetary [16 Oct 2003|10:17pm]
sod house (3 pics)Collapse )

old cemetary (11 pics)Collapse )

Background: Got 3 exteriors of an old sod house & almost 2 disks of pics on an old cemetary. There used to be a church there, it's all farmland now, they just farm around this little like half-acre plot that still has headstones. The entire southeast corner was all babies, kinda sad, there were more stones there than in the other areas. Also headstones for Father Jacob & Mother Maria. Dates were all mid-1800s to early 1900s (ooolllld for this area, towns were only settled in 1903, so this place was pre-settlement) Most of the stones were still in good condition (i.e. readable). There were a couple of tall metal crosses as markers, one of them had a picture on it & the pic still looked in mint condition. The guy looked a little squirrelly though heh The older stones were all written in german yet.

I think the farmers doing the cornfield probably thought I was a nutcase though, laying down on graves to get decent shots of the stones heh And there was the marker of an 18yo girl (and the cross with the pic) that were totally hidden inside this huge bush/tree. I had to basically climb into it to get pics of the girl's stone. There was the edge of what looked like an old foundation at the very edge of the tree too. Looked like there might have been more stones at one time too, but they were just piles of molding rock rubble now.
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