October 11th, 2003

haunted house

Well, supposedly anyway lol I still need to get the "full story" from my one neighbor out here. I didn't try the doors to get in this time around since I only had one disk with me (spur of the moment stop). Figure I'll go back another day fully prepared. The property had pretty creepy vibes & to be honest I didn't really "feel" like trying the doors anyway lol I was only able to see inside one room & it looked like whoever had been there just up & left one day. Books out as if people had still be reading them, tv set on a table, furniture, etc. I'm pretty curious to see if the rest of the house looks like that as well. Anyhoo, on to the pics!

House FrontCollapse )

House Front CloseupCollapse )

Little ShedCollapse )

House SideCollapse )

House Back/Other SideCollapse )

Front Room (notice coat on the wall)Collapse )

Goodbye ShotCollapse )

Lone TreeCollapse )