October 8th, 2003

The Ruin of a Ruin

This was a rural ruined home on our property (about 75 feet from our actual house). When we moved to this property, we were told by the seller that the house was "liveable". Unfortunately we realized that it was nowhere near inhabitable & to make it so would require ripping it down to the foundation. My husband started tearing it down last summer, which is why the front half is skeletal. This summer, he & the local fire department burned it down. These are the pics of this relic's ruination. In more than one pic I could see a "face" in the fire on the front side of the building. This is especially evident in one particular pic.

Start of the FireCollapse )

3 pics of Lower Floor WindowCollapse )

7 Misc ShotsCollapse )

When it was overCollapse )