October 7th, 2003

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Forgive the thumbnails, I just made them *L*

What exactly is the difference between urban decay and rural ruin? (Not necessarily the communities, but the terms themselves.) I'm not 100% sure myself but I figure I'll post these here because... I can. ::shrug:: *L*

A while back my best friend and I went to this house that I was actually able to go upstairs in. We went back yesterday, though I really didn't feel like going upstairs as I was really paranoid about it the last time. Here there be pictures! (And I'm working on thumbnailing my website so here there be thumbnails too!)

And even though I think I may have posted these before, here are some "souveniers" I got on our first trip there. See, I know that some people don't believe in disturbing the places they visit, but I'm the opposite. The way I see it, if there are photos or something like that there then if I don't take it a) someone else will or b) they'll be lost forever when the thing is inevitably rebuilt/torn down.

(Oh yeah, all pictures were taken in Summerville, SC with a Canon PowerShot S50 digicam, except of course the old ones... duh.)
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