September 21st, 2003


in a parking lot in a small town in indiana...

...sits an unused grain silo. i've passed it but never investigated it before.

so i'm driving around today and pull into the lot to get a closer look.

then i notice a small rectangular opening, and i wonder if i could get inside.

i can, and discover that the floor is covered with old grain, old grain products (empty beer cans), broken chairs (jerry springer was here?), and toy plastic construction helmets (i have no idea).

the walls are covered with graffiti extolling (variously) jesus, satan, and the kkk. O.O

there are spiders' webs and birds' nests, too.

so i took some pictures. the outside is below; more are behind the cut.

(warning: i found some of the graffiti pretty disturbing. i highly suspect that it was done by local teenagers, but you never know.)

go inside? seven more; quality is poor, unfortunately.Collapse )