August 25th, 2003

Nessa blinky

Beautiful find

I found this old beauty while rumbling through Lumberport, WV; a block-long town that you will miss if you blink.
Unfortunately, it was too close to the road (and to the police department) to try to explore,
however, I did take some close-up shots of various details which I will post if anyone is interested.

what a beauty

The place has a total of 3 bay windows, (well, 4) and that part
on the bottom is the enclosed wrap-around porch.
(one bay window has been enclosed by the porch, it seems) It looks like it's been unfortunately seperated into 3 dwellings.
Antique furniture was visible through the windows, and I met a family of kittens hiding out in the cellar.
It's close to a creek and has probably seen flooding. I would love to restore this old beauty if:
A. I had a cute boy to restore it with me, and B. It wasn't in the shadow of a cancer-smoke belching power plant.
What a shame, and what a loss.
Note the interesting floral carving around the top of the house. close up of floral detail behind cutCollapse )
It's in good shape except in the back where the gutter has come loose and the water has caused a large section to rot.
In this photo you can see that one of the decorative brackets is missing.. I found it under the back porch. o_o;
Also, does anybody know what that speaker-looking thing by the front upper window might be? I thought maybe it was an alarm of some sort... I dunno.
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