July 8th, 2003


zoar, ohio, usa

Walking around in Zoar, Ohio the other day, I saw this odd earth and stone ramp.

I came closer and saw that it's part of the foundation of what used to be a barn.

You can see the stone outline of where the barn was. The blocks of stone that look like they might be tombstones were foundations for posts. The whole thing was huge, and the ramp originally led up to the second floor of the barn, and would have been large and sturdy enough for horses to pull wagons up.

The community of Zoar, that this barn was part of, was an early commune of German religious separatists who came to the US in the early 1800s to escape persecution. They founded Zoar in 1817. They held their property and profits in common, and men and women had equal rights and could vote and hold office in the community. I don't know much more about this barn -- there was a marker, I should have looked at it -- but it was huge enough that it may have been a communal barn for all their livestock and so on.

I didn't get any other pictures of the barn foundation ruins, the people I was with wanted to walk on, and also it was starting to rain