June 15th, 2003

Mark is here

Mendoza, Argentina 2002 ...

Well, as they say ... "and now for something completely different." (While I strongly prefer black-and-white for architectural photography -- especially for the kinds of subjects relevant to this community -- I do shoot color once in a while when it seems like the thing to do. So I'll probably submit a color shot here now and then, even though I definitely like the b&w results more.)

Anyhow, this is a detail photo of an abandoned railway depot on the old Transandine Railway, a narrow-gauge line that formerly connected Argentina and Chile. It was one of the most spectacular railroads in the world, traversing the very heart of the Andes. Though the route's now abandoned, many of the old railway buildings still cling to the narrow mountains and canyons, as do old bridges, snowsheds, and much of the trackage.

Shameless plug: you can read a number of my travelogues -- including one describing this visit to South America -- in my traveler_mark LJ.

Bozeman, Montana

Argentina railway depot