June 10th, 2003

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Dooley, Montana 1991 ...

Here's another photograph from my travels in northeastern Montana. This little building was constructed in the tiny homestead settlement of Dooley, Montana in 1915, to house the "Rocky Valley Lutheran Church." At the time of my visit, it was pretty much the only building remaining in town, although there were still broad, concrete sidewalks in front of the church, forging through the empty grasslands and sagebrush.

Bozeman, Montana

Dooley Lutheran Church
dead bird

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this is a railroad tressel on the northwestern pacific railroad line, on a stretch of track which went from arcata to korbel, california... (this tressel runs adjacent to warren creek road) The actual steel tracks were pulled up in 1996, because the line wasn't safe for travel anymore... I went and photographed the tressel in early march this year and then again today. I remember when the trains used to go over it when i was little, in the early 90's... Since then, i've watched it become overgrown and neglected, and it's kind of sad; a little bitta history falling apart and becoming entangled...

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