June 9th, 2003

my favourite shoes

Salem, Ontario Canada

Last Friday, while passing by sand deposits which skirt the northern shores of Lake Ontario near here, we spotted an interesting ripple effect on the sand which looked like it had the makings of a nice posting to texture.

Stopping the car, we quickly found out that the sand dunes were in fact the detritus of a very large abandoned sand and gravel pit, much of it hidden from the road, rich in abandoned trucks, huge pieces of machinery and overhead gantrys worthy of a large mine. We took many photos that day, some of which will apear here in the days to come and others in texture.

To start off with, here is a general view of just part of the site, followed by some shots of one particularly nice old vehicle whose cab was peeling madly but still relatively intact. More shots of this fascinating place will follow in the days to come.

Mark is here

Comertown, Montana 1991 ...

I've been enjoying the posts in this intriguing community for some time, now, and finally decided that it was time to begin contributing a photo of my own now and then. (Luckily for me, I work as a professional historian, and sometimes get to shoot "rural ruin" photos as part of my job!)

Comertown, Montana is an abandoned homestead community on the Montana prairies, near the Saskatchewan and North Dakota borders. I took this photo back in 1991, when I was preparing a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the old town.

Bozeman, Montana

Comertown railway car
my favourite shoes

Salem, Ontario Canada

I don't usually post excessively processed images in this community - in color_theory sometimes, but not here - but this one of the sand and gravel pit I wrote about earlier is an exception. The solarization effect I've used here gives it added impact, I hope you'll agree.