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Gas station on Hwy 2 near Colborne, Ontario Canada [07 Jun 2003|06:56am]

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Abandoned Cheese Factory, Morganston Ontario, Canada [07 Jun 2003|07:11am]

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[07 Jun 2003|04:17pm]
Old office window
Superior Portland Concrete Company
Concrete, Skagit County, Washington
May 24, 2003
HP digital camera

windowCollapse )
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Abandoned Factory, Brighton, Ontario, Canada [07 Jun 2003|04:31pm]

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Intro Post [07 Jun 2003|05:18pm]
I joined yesterday and thought I'd post some pictures in my inaugatory post.

abandoned farm in BerkshireCollapse )

These pictures were taken on 30 April 2000 at Sadgrove Farm near Hermitage in Berkshire, UK. They were taken with a Fuji MX-1700 Zoom, a good camera at the time.

I go out walking almost every week so there's lots more where these came from. My walks are documented at my web site, mjausson.com. The camera I currently use is a Sony DSC-F505V.
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Old Train Station, Brighton, Ontario Canada [07 Jun 2003|09:45pm]

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