April 30th, 2003

The Phred is in the Building

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There doesn't appear to be a LiveJournal community devoted to photographs of cemetaries or gravestones - there are a number of gothic or horror communities that include such things, but they go far beyond it.

I'm not interested in graves as ritual objects, I'm interested in headstones and monuments (and cemetaries generally) as places of peace, contemplation and genteel decay.

Would anyone be interested if I started a new community?
The Phred is in the Building

(no subject)

Seems I need to spread my search terms wider... and try alternate spellings.

There are at least a couple of communities that fit the cemetary bill. Thanks to everyone who brought them to my attention.
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Warkworth, Ontario, Canada

(This is the last in a three-part series about an old abandoned farmhouse. The series represents an opportunity to create a record of a deserted and intriguing place not far from my home, both in words and pictures. For the accompanying text, please refer to my regular journal. All photos were taken with a Canon A40 digital camera using available light.)

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