April 28th, 2003

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13 January 1939.

Black Friday.

Much of the Australian state of Victoria was ravaged by bushfires, in what remains the most significant event in the environmental history of Victoria since 1788.

One victim of those fires was a small, single-line rural railway running between the central Victorian towns of Maldon and Baringhup.

The line was never rebuilt. Over time the railway lines and any remaining sleepers were souvenired - some of them form part of the structure of my parent's adobe house.

Areas were stripped of ballast for reuse, but sections remain in the post-goldrush regrowth eucalypt forests of the area.

This bridge, photographed in fog ca. 1981, (almost) straddles a creek outside Maldon.Collapse )
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Warkworth, Ontario, Canada

From a series of photos of an abandoned farmhouse taken on April 25, 2003.

More photos and an accompanying text can be found on my regular journal through the following link. Click here. Over the next two days, I will also be posting photos of the interior of this property.