April 10th, 2003


Driving along

Literally. Going about 45mph. Had my crabby baby in the car so I couldn't stop. So these aren't very good, but eh, you get the point.
Taken: today Where:somewhere out there.....in Illinois.
crooked but dammit I love this house. Looks abandoned but I'm sure if it is.
my favourite shoes

Barn interior, Warkworth, Ontario, Canada

This is rather unusual for postings on this site - but these photos are of our own abandoned barn. It is old and we are doing our best to maintain it in good condition, despite the expense of doing so. The barn was fully operational until about 1980, I believe, at which time the herd of cows was sold off at auction.

To learn more about the property and how we acquired it, feel free to check out the post on my regular LJ. Below is a shot of the lower level where the cows were housed and milked, followed by various shots of the interior and the machinery used to transport manure to the outside.

To see the four additional views, click here, then click here and click here and click here.

Shots of the exterior of another barn on our property - which barn really is in bad shape - to follow.