March 24th, 2003

Croaking! (photo base by Lanakila)

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Unfortunately, it has been to damp lately for me to get out in the real bayou back-country and shoot what I want to, though I hope things turn around. Or at least someone lends me a marsh buggy. It's just to mushy to go out into some places, unless I want to loose my car. But, in the meantime, I have some other pics for you, taken with my little Canon on normal ol' 200 color film on a nice day. I turned the color saturation down to try to make them a little "moody." Whether it worked or not, you be the judge. First, we have a Cajun cabin, taken out on Deadwood Road (no joke). I couldn't get any closer because it was across a bayou from the road. That green stuff along the bottom of the pic is not grass, but duckweed growing on the bayou.

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