February 20th, 2003

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This is a little house I just recently saw after living here for... two or three years. It is so hidden by overgrowth that it's VERY hard to see from the street, and on my way to work one day I decided to brave the weeds and take some pictures.

(probably not the one I should post first but I like it the best)

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Hi, I just discovered this community - very cool.

I've recently discovered the joys of driving aimlessly around North Texas - coming across abandoned and decaying buildings out in the country and ghost signs on the sides of buildings in once-thriving tiny town squares is one of the real joys of these outings.

Above is an odd building (a cotton gin maybe?) I came across on the outskirts of Grand Saline, Texas. While I was taking this picture, a guy drove up to me, leaned out the window of his pick-up truck and asked, "What IS that thing, anyway?"