February 13th, 2003

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I just wanted to share that I've turned my crappy day (which involves and hour and a half walk to work) into a happy excuse to take pictures. There are TONS of things on my way to work I've always wanted to take pictures of, from broken down houses, to kickass trees, to a cemetery I'd like to wander through, so I'm leaving three hours early instead of two specifically so I can mosey along and take my time. ^_^ I almost hope I'm late to work. *L* (I'm having severe issues with my job at the moment.) ^_^

AND today I get four rolls of film back from Wal-Mart but I think most, or maybe even all of those are cemetery pictures, which I'm not sure really belong here. They're old cemeteries! *L* From like, 1800's and stuff.... yeah.

I guess I'll post a few old pictures, as I like my old ones the best.

more black and white from Summerville, SCCollapse )

I LOVE black and white pictures, and now have a camera just for black and white film (so I don't waste any that should be color) but I have two small problems. I can either get them developed at Bi-Lo or Wal-Mart, but Bi-Lo only has those little pictures and only in glossy (which I don't like), while Wal-Mart has bigger matte pictures but if I don't get them one hour I have to wait two weeks to get them back.

Can someone tell me why I can get two day color pictures but black and white are two weeks if not done one hour? This annoys me, as one hour is like $12 for doubles. >_< ARG!

Oh well, I'm off to work now! BYEEEE!!!
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hi all. nice community, just what was needed.

this image is from somewhere in VT [i think] just off the highway, sometime last autumn. it was so far canted that i doubt it will be around for much longer.

shot on Ilford SFX using an orange filter, and processed in DR5 for B&W transparencies [here opting for their sepia-tone developer instead of neutral]. i highly recommend checking them out; it's a great alternative to conventional B&W processing.


Hi, I just joined this community, I have a lot of rural ruin photos, am planning to post soon, and also developing some of mine from old texas highways.

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Here is a digital photo of a long abandoned store/gas station on Highway 90 near Comstock, TX.
I spent the day driving down 90 photographing one day, but most of the black and white I shot haven't been developed yet.

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my haunted house

i made this japanese woodblock print, combining various interior and exterior night-shot views of my haunted house, taken on the 4th of july about two years ago. the image is rather complex, but the key to the collage is below the image. the haunted house is somewhere in the middle of nowhere; i'm going to buy that house some day and live in it.