February 12th, 2003

old barn on sunday evening

this is actually from last year. an old abandoned rural estate i found while driving around, restlessly, on a sunday afternoon. no keepout signs. of course i "trespassed"! every chance i get!

my old digital camera: Kodak CD3400, some photoshop filtering
near eudora, kansas


i think this might be fun.
please read the user info for more information.
now i will feel inclined to go out wandering and exploring with my camera
even more

i hope you will too
and you will show what you have found!

ps - right now this is on a free server and a bit slow, but i will create a paid account this week and when pokey paypal gets around to debiting my checking account there shall be more design flexibility and greater speed!

Croaking! (photo base by Lanakila)

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I just signed up here. I live near a lot of awesome rural ruins, but haven't got photos to share yet. I usually just drive out and look at them, or picnic near their decaying glory. Hopefully I shall have some good images to share of rural coastal homes ravaged by salt water and shifting foundations.
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I just sneezed on myself... icky. >_<

Yay!!! I'm now part of THREE rather darkly themed picture communities and I LOVE IT! Most of my pictures are a little more "rural" than "urban" so I'm glad this place was created, even though I'm told the pictures can be posted in urban_decay as well. ::shrug:: I like feeling at home, that's all.

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Hey, does the moderator belong to the community_promo community? If not, can I promote it? More people = More pictures (in theory).
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all of these shots were taken near or at Fort Fremont, South Carolina. This is an old abandoned military fort near Beaufort, South Carolina built in 1899 to defend Port Royal Sound during the Spanish-American war. It never fired a shot in battle and was later decommissioned and abandoned. It is now privately owned but i rarely let that stop me from getting neat shots :)

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