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Warkworth Ontario (Canada)

The drive from Toronto to Warkworth is boring for the first hour, particularly if you take Highway 401, as most people do as a matter of expediency. Flat, featureless and full of monster trucks in too much of a hurry to get to Montreal. But once you leave the highway and turn north towards the Canadian Shield, the road quickly starts to climb and, before long, you are in an area of glacial moraine known as the Northumberland Hills. Its pretty, its scenic and many visitors compare the roads to switch backs - full of sudden curves, dips and hills that cause this little back road to climb in to the sky repeatedly and then dip down just as quickly.

The last hill before you get to our place is only a small one, but like many of them there's a blind spot on the brow where you can't see the traffic coming until its right upon you. But there's an old sign which says Cattle Crossing just before you reach the spot, which suggests it might just be wise to slow down. Now there haven't been cattle here for years, as far as I can tell, and heaven help them if they tried to cross the road here anyway. But there is virtually no traffic on this particular road, so perhaps I exaggerate the danger.

Anyway, I'm fond of this spot not only for the view, but for the fact that it reminds me when I reach it that I will be home in about two minutes flat.

April 25, 2003

I often take many shots of the same subject and sometimes can't decide which is best. This was no exception. For an alternate view of the same spot, click here. And for a shot of two more happily decaying buildings visble from eactly this same location, click here.
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