abandond cobblestone garage in Williamson

I just found you guys through someone calling about the Cobblestone Garage. I am the owner and it is for sale. So hoping that someone who wants to restore would be interested in purchasing. I have done extensive research about the building that was built for the Bennett family. 1st town Doctor. The history and heritage of the residents is incredible.

Condorcet - Abandoned village in South France

The village of Condorcet was first built on a hill, around a defensive castle. In the 16th century, the place became property of the family of Caritat, ancestors of the philosopher and mathematician Nicolas de Condorcet.
In 19th century, because of the lack of water and isolation of the place, the inhabitants slowly abandoned the village to build another one, along the river, using the stones of the ancient houses. Just a few walls remain now on the hill above the vineyards.

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