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Abandoned tide mill - Logonna-Daoulas (Britanny, France) [21 Jul 2014|05:28pm]

A tide mill existed here since the early 16th century, but the actual building was erected in 1852 - 1853. Sold in 1885, it alternately became a reception centre for refugiees, a German military hospital, a (French) military school for officers, a danse hall and eventually a restaurant, before it was abandoned in 2002.
I would have loved to enter the place, but there was too many people around to try to get over the railings.

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Saint-Paul Roux manor - Camaret-sur-Mer (Britanny, France) [05 Jul 2014|09:03pm]

A few broken towers overlooking the ocean, between a white sand beach and a stone row. A few broken walls on the moor, half covered by ivy. These are the only remains of the manor of Coecilian, built in early 20th century by a french symbolist poet, now forgotten, Saint-Paul Roux.

The first name of the place was "manoir du Boultus", but Saint-Paul Roux renamed the place after his son's name, killed at war in 1914. One war later, a night of june 1940, a german soldier invaded the manor, raped the family's governess, injured the poet's daughter, Divine. Saint-Paul Roux himself escaped death in the incident, but while he was in town, watching over his daughter, the manor was plundered and burnt, with all the writer's manuscripts. Saint-Paul Roux never recovered from that, and died soon after, at the hospital of Brest.
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Abandoned Places - Decatur Wanderings, Part 2 [20 Jun 2014|05:41pm]

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Out of the images pulled from the old drive, I also have photos from a second site we visited on that cold February afternoon - a former filling station. It wasn't much. The neighborhood was sketchy which probably contributed to the demise of this former Raceway gas station (petrol station). With the cold, the locals didn't choose to come see what I was doing, so a few photos were had.

Abandoned 052FCa
We're sorry but this number is no longer in service...

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Abandoned Places - Decatur Wanderings [09 Jun 2014|11:37pm]

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While recovering data and photos from a dead external drive I found a few sets needing to be re-edited and uploaded.

Winter 2011 - Decatur, AL

Driving the back roads between Huntsville and Florence, my wife and I saw this 1950's era farm house. Despite the storms and tornadoes that frequent the region, this little brick house seemed to have been much loved. It sat forlorn on the side of a busy highway in the February chill. Road improvements cut off the driveway and raised the roadbed nearly 2 feet (.6 meters), so I had to park my vehicle a little ways from it and walk in.

Abandoned 003FCa

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Feral Houses [08 Feb 2013|02:25pm]

Just saw this collection of photos of what the blogger calls "feral houses" in Detroit.  Sadly, many of these houses are now gone (the photos were taken between 2006 and 2009).

Two examples:

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Slumpy [19 Sep 2013|12:15am]


Click for larger version.

More info: Here.
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Le Vieux Noyers - abandoned village in Provence [08 Jul 2013|12:19pm]

In the mountains close to Sisteron, a village used to stand upon a hill, curled around its medieval castle.
During the 19th century, little by little, people went down to the valley where a smaller village - Noyers-le-Bas - offered more water, and better shelter from the wind and the sun.
Noyers-le-Bas became Noyers-sur-Jabron, and the ancient village, its spring went dry, was completely abandoned after WWI.

...well, maybe not so completely, as we will see.
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[30 Jun 2013|11:18am]

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Western Ghana [10 Oct 2012|08:53am]

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Collioure, France [26 Sep 2012|12:16am]

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Диагональ светов. [19 Sep 2012|11:38pm]

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Ruins of Fortifications on Corregidor Island, Philippines [16 Sep 2012|12:00pm]

Took a short trip to the Philippines almost a year ago and entirely forgot to post about it!

While there we took a day trip out to the WWII ruins on the heavily fortified island of Corregidor at the entrance to Manila bay, off the Bataan peninsula.

For those unfamiliar, Corregidor was the headquarters of the Allied resistance under Gen. Douglas MacArthur against the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. The Japanese laid siege to and eventually captured the island on May 6, 1942, but not before MacArthur had evacuated and famously stated "I came out of Bataan and I shall return".

The island was then later RETAKEN by allied forces on 26 Feb 1945, following another long and bloody battle. After the battle, the island was pretty much left in ruin "as is" and eventually turned into a historical monument.


Many bandwidth intensive photographs are located behind the cut, please enjoy!

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Thank you for reading! Comments and questions are always appreciated.
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[13 Sep 2012|02:14pm]

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