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Knoebels and surrounding area storm damage...

My mom sent me the link to these photos earlier and I thought I'd share it. We were just at Knoebel's on Father's Day. Just one week later, thanks to a very severe storm system that covered a large part of PA, it is once again flooded. This is the 4th (or 5th, my memory sucks) time that I can remember flooding there, and it appears to be the second to worst (the worst being related to Hurricane Agnes back in 1972).

Anyway... lots of photos are here and here.

Near the bottom in the second link are photos of surrounding areas, including the Twin Bridges, which are (were) the only twin covered bridges in the US. I photographed these, and many other covered bridges in the surrounding area about 7 years ago, and am very saddened by the destruction from this storm. I hope to one day see these bridges side by side again.
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